Stripping Tanks

Stripping tanks for components up to 12m

We operate 2 large electrolytic stripping tanks to efficiently remove chrome from a wide variety of pieces, including those of unusual shapes such as industrial moulds. Our largest tank can accomodate rods up to 12,500mm in length with a diametre of 800mm.

Stripping tanks are utilised to remove all trace of old and worn chrome in preparation for plating. Old chrome must be removed carefully and completely before new chrome is applied. Cylinder rods are placed in these reverse electrolysis tanks and a negative current is applied to the chrome solution to remove molecules from the cylinder surface, stripping the old chrome off the rod.

CCA Hardchrome is optimised for the hydraulics industry, and we maintain a number of stripping tanks of different dimensions, including very long ones, for accommodating large cylinder rods found on luffing cranes and other industrial machines.

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