Hard Chrome Plating Cells

4 hard chrome plating tanks configured for specialist components up to 12m

Our facility operates 4 chrome plating tanks of different dimensions to accommodate a wide range of pieces of differing sizes and unusual shapes with a maximum length of 12m and maximum diametre of 600mm.

In 2022 significant upgrades were carried out to our hard chrome plating operation including the installation of new purpose-built, state-of-the-art electroplating tanks. The highlight of these upgrades is Australia’s longest 360-degree horizontal-rotation chrome plating tank, which is the only rotation-plating system of its kind in the country.

Engineered to deliver superior chrome deposit depth and concentricity, this tank is capable of handling rods up to 12 meters in length.The rotation-plating system features conforming anodes to deliver optimal current density with an ideal anode to cathode ratio, resulting in reduced contaminants and improved adhesion. This ensures even and consistent chrome deposition along the entire length of the rod, achieving chrome deposit depths over 350 microns for rods of extreme length. The result is a hard chrome finish that lasts longer and performs better in the long run, providing our customers with superior quality products.

The plating process is a highly technical step in the process of applying hard chrome finishes, especially for use in hydraulic systems which have fine tolerances and specific requirements for thickness and uniformity.

To ensure we maintain these factors and ensure consistency, three important factors must come together correctly to ensure a consistently high end product. These are: bath chemistry, current density, and current consistency. CCA operates several plating cells of differing dimensions to accommodate the types of hydraulic components commonly chrome-plated during the course of repair.

Regardless of the dimension, the plating cells are jigged up to ensure the correct suspension of components to be plated to ensure uniform current density. In this way we eliminate high spots and other unwanted anomalies such as milky or burnt chrome deposits.

For quality chrome plating and customised hard chrome solutions tailored to your specific needs, contact us now at 02 9838 5895 or info@ccahardchrome.com.au.